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3 Ways These Leading Manufacturers Boost Your Productivity

These industry-leading manufacturers are changing the warehousing landscape. Automation, safety, and flexibility are key to combating the age of Amazon

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Yale and Bolzoni Auramo Partner to Support Paper & Recycling Industry

The new series of Yale forklift models makes attachment installation seamless and reduces the chance of operator error. The modified front end easily integrates with Bolzoni Auramo forklift attachments.

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The Best Forklifts for Long Load Handling

Standard forklifts are ineffective at handling long or bulky loads; they require significant open space to maneuver and can be dangerous if the operator exceeds load center requirements. Many operators resort to carrying loads high to avoid obstacles, but that, too, is unsafe. 

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Optimize Your Operations with Hyster Tracker Fleet Management

If your goal is to increase uptime and profitability, you’ll need actionable data to do it. With a high-quality fleet management system, you can monitor everything your operators and fleet are doing—24/7—and make necessary improvements.

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Extend The Life Of Your Forklift Battery With These Pro Tips

When they’re taken care of, electric batteries will last an average of 1,500 charge cycles - that’s about five years. Without regular preventative maintenance, however, they quickly deteriorate. Follow our expert tips to extend the life of your industrial batteries and get the most out of your investment.

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Pallet Jack vs Forklift: Make the Right Choice for Your Small Business

To pallet jack or to forklift…that is the question.

It’s a common decision for small business who have material handling operations…will you lift pallets with a forklift or a pallet jack? Really, you need to calculate labor and truck costs before you decide.

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Accessible Automation Options for Today’s Warehouse

Warehouse automation has been getting a lot of attention in the last few years and for good reason. The potential to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency has warehouse managers excited about the latest technology.

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Inspecting, Repairing, & Protecting Racking to Avoid Collapse

With more inventory in the same square footage and the necessity to get product out the door faster, there is a greater likelihood of accidents and potential racking damage in the warehouse. Not only is a well-designed warehouse layout and operator safety training necessary to maintain a safe facility, but also proper inspection, repair, and protection of pallet racking.

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Safety Meeting Ideas for the Warehouse

Although choosing high quality equipment and focusing on warehouse design is important for your facility, it’s crucial to prioritize employee safety. Because of the inherent dangers for warehouse employees, preventing work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths should be addressed during regular safety meetings.

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Warehouse Best Practices to Implement in 2018

Because of the competitive nature of manufacturing, distribution, and retail, implementing the following warehouse best practices from the experts at Papé Material Handling can mean the difference between merely keeping up with the competition and surpassing them.

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How to Determine Your Forklift Capacity Needs

When you purchase or rent a lift truck, understanding your capacity needs is critical to selecting the right forklift. Although it seems straightforward to match your typical load weight to a forklift with that rated capacity, there are a number of factors that can change the rated capacity you need. How? First, let’s make sure you know the basics:

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Ergonomic Forklift Features That Improve Warehouse Productivity

Productivity is top of mind for warehouse managers, but moving more pallets per hour should never come at the cost of safety or your operators’ needs. Plus, keeping your operators happy reduces turnover and the cost of retraining new employees. So, what is it that operators want most? Simply put, new equipment.

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Going Green: 3 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in the Warehouse

Going green or making eco-friendly choices to reduce your warehouse energy consumption isn’t just about taking care of the planet or meeting Tier 4 emission requirements . For small businesses, even slight changes to reduce energy consumption can result in significant cost savings.

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Finding The Right Balance Between Cost, Density, & Selectivity With Your Racking Solution

One of the most common warehouse and distribution center challenges is lack of space. Square footage isn’t cheap and it’s important for your business that you utilize your storage space effectively. Cost effective changes to your racking system or material handling equipment can increase the number of pallet positions in your space and help you operate more efficiently.

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The Explosion of SKUs: Order Picking Challenges and Solutions

Warehouses and distribution centers are handling more SKUs than ever. This increase creates significant challenges, specifically in terms of storage, productivity, and safety.

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CARB Emissions Regulations Update

Papé Material Handling works diligently to keep our customers up to date on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations for off-road engine-powered equipment.

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New 2017 ANSI Lift Inspection Requirements

As an aerial equipment operator, it’s critical to be ready for the upcoming changes to the ANSI A92 standards that set aerial work platform safety protocols nationwide.

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Do Lithium Batteries Make Sense for Your Fleet?

If you’re searching for new ways to capture cost savings, you might take a closer look at how you power your fleet. A simple switch, from the lead-acid batteries likely powering your forklifts to lithium ion batteries, could potentially save you significantly in maintenance and downtime.

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