Hawker Industrial Batteries from Papé Motive Power

There are a lot of options when it comes to industrial batteries and Papé Motive Power can help you find
the battery that will meet your power needs and budget. 


If you are concerned about growing maintenance expenses the WATER LESS battery from Hawker could be the solution you are looking for.   Under normal working conditions the WATER LESS battery only requires watering four to six times per year and Papé Motive Power can set up a comprehensive programmed maintenance agreement to ensure it is done correctly.
When purchasing a WATER LESS battery there is no need to sacrifice performance in medium or heavy applications for reduced maintenance.   The Hawker WATER LESS battery offers full-performance of a flooded battery with 85, 100, and 125 HA capacities.   In addition to the traditional capacity, WATER LESS batteries maintain an estimated cycle life of 1500-2000 cycles, based on one cycle per day and 80% DOD.

If your operation depends on heavy duty batteries that can stand up to even the most demanding conditions, look at the power of ENERGY-PLUS™. The ENERGY-PLUS battery uses a unique multi-plate design to pack more active material and more power into the same amount of space as other batteries.   The key to the battery’s longer life is maintaining a proper balance of active material and electrolyte- unlike other “high-energy” batteries that rely solely on higher gravity acid.  ENERGY-PLUS is the battery that will keep your truck running in harsh conditions, making long runs, high lifts, and using attachments that require added power.
Regardless of the type of forklift you are operating- the POWERLINE™ series from HAWKER will help you get the most out of your equipment.    Produced at the most environmentally factory in the industry, ever step in production of POWERLINE batteries is closely monitored to make sure it is dependable.   The construction and benefits of the POWERLINE battery includes the thickest grid in the industry, densest paste, a revolutionary formation system and multi-layer retention system. A POWERLINE battery will keep your lift trucks running faster and longer.


When affordability is important- the TOP POWER battery from HAWKER will deliver the power you want at the price you need.   TOP POWER batteries are ideal for less demanding environments, for lift trucks and pallet jacks running a full 1,500 cycles.   The densest paste available in the industry ensures your TOP POWER battery has long-life operation under deep cycling as well as continued, uninterrupted power.     The POWERPLUS formation system subjects the TOP POWER battery to significantly lower temperatures during formation that results in more power and longer battery life.


When it comes to environmentally safe power ENVIROLINK is the clear choice.   ENVIROLINK batteries are sealed gel electrolyte batteries, meaning the batter will never require additional electrolyte or added water.   This means your employees will never be exposed to the hazards of sulfuric acid or hydrogen gas and your work area will remain cleaner and safer.   In addition to not requiring water, the ENVIROLINK doesn’t require specific gravity readings and doesn’t leak, making it virtually maintenance free.



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