Motrec MC-270
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  • SpecificationsTable
    24V 36V
    Motor 6 hp shunt motor 10 hp shunt motor
    Drive Axle Helical gear differential Differential with automotive ring gear
    Transmission Direct drive Dual V-belt drive
    Voltage 24V 36V
    Battery Four 6V-232AH batteries Six 6V-232AH batteries
    Wheels 4.8x8 LRB pneumatic tires 4.8x8 Soft Solid on Split Rims
    Accessories 24V accessory option to equalize cells, extend battery life. Bolt-on bumpers and rear wheel guards
  • BrakesDual self-adjusting mechanical drum brakes on rear, hand lever parking brake, regenerative braking
  • SuspensionRigid axles on front and rear
  • ChargerHigh-Frequency Charger, improves battery performance, prevents current surge, 50/60HZ, 110/220VAC
  • SafetyReverse alarm, deadman seat switch, horn
  • ControllerSEPEX Electronic speed controller
  • SteeringAutomotive steering wheel
  • IndicatorsBattery status indicator
  • SeatsBucket seat on slide adjusters
  • LightsLED headlight & brake / tail light
  • Body14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame, hefty front cowl (1/4"" plate steel)