Seats: Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
Voltage: 36V
Indicators: Multifunction display including speedometer, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings. Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability.
Drive Axle: Helical gear differential
Controller: AC Electronic speed controller
Body: All-steel unibody construction. Powder coating.
Brakes: Rear hydraulic drum brakes, electromagnetic parking brake with manual hand release, regenerative braking
Suspension: Dual leaf springs on front and rear
Accessories: Bolt-on front bumper, DC/DC converter to equalize battery cells
Wheels: 5.7x8 LRD pneumatic tires
Steering: Automotive steering wheel
Transmission: Direct drive
Motor: Brushless AC motor, 10 HP Max (7.5 HP Continuous)
Battery: Six 6V-232AH batteries
Charger: High-frequency (85-265VAC / 45-65Hz, 1kw), built-in and automatic.
Safety: Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm, horn
Lights: LED dual headlights & tail/brake lights, dual back-up lights