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At Papé Material Handling, we offer a large selection of electric vehicles for a variety of businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide organizations with the best in material handling equipment. That’s why we only sell durable, long-lasting vehicles. Learn more about everything we have to offer and discover which machine can benefit your operations.

Types of Vehicles We Sell

  • Agriculture & Construction - These utility vehicles are a great all-terrain option for construction sites and general transportation use.
  • Burden Carriers - These electric vehicles can be used for general warehouse work, helping to transport materials between locations.
  • Custom Vehicles - From vacuum trucks to train inspectors, these highly specialized vehicles accomplish a variety of unique tasks.
  • Factory & Warehouse - Offering large golf carts and vehicles similar to burden carriers, these versatile machines are great for general factory use.
  • Golf & ProTurf - From UTVs to standard golf carts, these vehicles are a good choice for transporting people and equipment.
  • Government & Universities - With large shuttles and all-terrain vehicles, choose these machines for large campus operations.
  • Hospitality & Maintenance - From catering jobs to general hospitality, these carts feature specialized equipment to help you accomplish a variety of tasks.
  • Industrial Carts - Link up these carts to help transport large amounts of goods and materials.
  • Personnel Carriers - These vehicles offer an efficient means of transporting workers throughout warehouses and factories.
  • Stock Chasers - For warehouse sites, these machines offer towing capacities in excess of 6,000 lbs.
  • Tow Tractors - Choose these units for an effective way of loading and unloading materials.
  • Utility Vehicles - From specialized vehicles to standard burden carriers, these vehicles can accomplish a variety of tasks.

Choosing the Right Industrial Vehicle

With so many options available, choosing the right machine can seem a bit daunting. Luckily, Papé Material Handling is here to help! Stop by your local dealer and ask to speak with one of our equipment specialists. With their first-hand knowledge, they’ll make sure your investment doesn’t go to waste and continue to pay for itself over many years.

Find an Industrial Vehicle Near You

With convenient locations throughout the western United States, Papé Material Handling is your go-to provider for warehouse vehicles and all other material handling units. We also offer financing options, regularly inspected rental units, used equipment, and complete repair service for every make and model we sell. Discover how Papé can help your warehouse, campus, or business operations with reliable vehicles.