Air Compressors

At Papé Rents, we carry a wide range of air compressors available for short- or long-term rental. Featuring cutting-edge technology and industry-standard efficiency, trust our selection to handle any project need. Browse our available air compressor rental models below.

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Air Compressors PSI Weight Fuel Capacity
C185 80-125 2,225 lbs 21 gal
P185 80-125 2,272 lbs 27 gal
P425/HP375 IQ 80-175 4,535 lbs 60 gal
XHP750 350 12,307 lbs 128 gal
XHP900 365 13,600 lbs 180 gal
HP935 IQ 150 10,400 lbs 142 gal
HP1600 IQ 150 19,565 lbs 198 gal
XHP1000 365 17,021 lbs 180 gal
XHP1170 365 19,565 lbs 198 gal

Doosan Air Compressors

Created with durability and dependability in mind, Doosan Air Compressors have proven to be reliable time and time again. Built with galvannealed steel to prevent corrosion and last in harsh conditions, their rugged and efficient design creates a consistently reliable power source for any site and in any work conditions.

Types of Industrial Air Compressors for Rent

At Papé Material Handling, we understand that each worksite is different. That’s why we offer a variety of air compressors available for rent at our many locations. Let our experts find the right piece of equipment for you, or browse our categories below and decide for yourself.

  • Large/High Pressure Compressors - With higher fuel capacity and greater PSI output, these compressors are perfect for large job sites using tools with an operating pressure of more than 150 PSI. A good option for general construction, well drilling, and shallow oil/gas drilling.
  • Large/Low Pressure Compressors - Also intended for larger sites, these units work with tools of an operating pressure at or below 150 PSI. A good choice for general construction, road/bridge work, abrasive blasting, and pipeline pressure testing.
  • Small & Medium Compressors - An economic choice designed to meet the needs of small to midsize sites requiring a variety of operating pressures. Good for most general construction applications, as well as sandblasting, cable laying, pipeline testing and more.
  • Utility Mount Compressors - For sites requiring additional portability, these compressors are small, but packed with power. Great for general construction and pneumatic tool operation.

Find an Air Compressor Rental Near You

Offering plenty of locations throughout the western United States, Papé Material Handling & Papé Rents are your go-to providers for air compressor rentals and all additional mobile or jobsite power needs.