At Papé Rents, we carry a wide range of compactors and compaction equipment available for short- or long-term rental. Featuring cutting-edge technology and industry-standard efficiency, trust our selection to handle any project need. Avoid purchasing a brand new piece of equipment and try out one of our many rental options — saving you time, while improving your bottom line.

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Compaction Weight Reach Dimensions (LengthxHeightxWidth)
JD 120C 29,250 lbs. 26'9" 25' x 9' x 8'6"
Hitachi 135D 30,440 lbs. 27'3" 24' x 9'4" x 8'10"
JD 160C 39,980 lbs. 28'8" 28'2" x 10'2" x 8'10"
TC-152 HO-Pac 1,824 lbs. N/A 3'10" x 2'4" x 2'4"
IR Roller DD24 6,100 lbs. 47" N/A
Dynapac CA152D 1,825 lbs. N/A 3'10" x 2'4" x 2'4"
JD310J (4x4) 15,370 lbs. 17'10" 23'3" x 11'3" x 7'2"
JD 450J 17,525 lbs. N/A 10'4" x 9' x 13'2"
JD 650J 19,750 lbs. N/A 10'8" x 9'1" x 13'11"

Compactors for Rent

From excavators and drum roller compactors to backhoe loaders and dozers, Papé Material Handling carries a variety of industry leading brands like Dynapac, Ingersoll Rand, and John Deere to ensure quality and efficiency in each machine. So whether you’re grading surfaces or backfilling trenches, we’ve got the right piece of equipment to assist in completing your task.

Types of Compacting Equipment for Rent

At Papé Material Handling, we understand that every job and every worksite are different. That’s why we offer a variety of compaction equipment available for rent at our many locations. Let our experts find the right piece of equipment for you, or browse our categories below and decide for yourself.

  • Excavators - Able to collect and transport large amounts of materials, excavators can also be fitted with a unique compactor attachment to tamp down loose soil and create stable surfaces
  • Excavator Compactor Attachment - This easy-to-use attachment is compatible with mini excavators and backhoe loaders to increase the versatility of your machines
  • Drum Roller Compactors - Providing consistent, even pressure across a surface, a drum roller can help with the tamping and smoothing of soil or asphalt across a large area
  • Backhoe Loader - With a bucket that can be used for grading and hoe for excavating, this multifaceted machine is designed to help you dig and transport large amounts of materials
  • Dozers - Simple and effective, the dozer’s blade allows you to easily clear out loose materials to create a consistent, even surface

Find a Compactor Rental Near You

Offering plenty of locations throughout the western United States, Papé Material Handling & Papé Rents are your go-to providers for compaction equipment rentals and all additional grading and compacting needs.