Generac Bi-Fuel generators start on diesel fuel and add natural gas as load is applied until the unit runs primarily on natural gas, vastly extending run-times.
Risk Mitigation via Fuel Redundancy Image

Risk Mitigation via Fuel Redundancy

Generac Bi-Fuel generators mitigate refueling issues by operating primarily on utility-supplied natural gas. Bi-fuel generators require less on-site diesel fuel and greatly extend running times compared to diesel-only solutions.
Reduced Exhaust Emissions Image

Reduced Exhaust Emissions

Bi-fuel generators are cleaner and more environmentally friendly than diesel-only generators. They emit about 30% less nitrogen oxides and 50% less particulate matter than comparable diesel-only units.
Scalability as Part of a Modular Power System Image

Scalability as Part of a Modular Power System

Generac Bi-Fuel generators can be configured as part of a Modular Power System (MPS)—connected via integrated paralleling with other Generac generators. This makes the system scalable, meaning there is no need to install more power than you need.
Code Compliance Image

Code Compliance

Generac Bi-Fuel generators meet the on-site fuel requirements for emergency systems as referenced in NEC 700 and NFPA 110. Less on-site diesel fuel means easier permitting and indoor fuel installations with capacity limits per NFPA or local codes become a viable option.