Quality Driven

The best processes and materials at every step in production.

Long Battery Life

Lasting power, even at cold temperatures.

Thick Grid

Tough grid construction provides improved current distribution.

Environmentally Engineered

Energy efficient chargers help the environment.

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Papé Motive Power carries top brands in industrial lead-acid batteries and lithium solutions. Batteries and chargers are designed to keep you going and save you money. From smart chargers and charging packs to battery diagnostics and water-less batteries, Papé has the experience to bring you the best in innovative motive power solutions.

Thinking About Switching to Lithium Ion?



Maintenance   No maintenance cost   In-house or outsourced maintenance personnel
Charge Duration   1 battery per truck   2 or more batteries per truck
Memory Effect   100% fleet availability due to opportunity charging   Lower fleet availability due to work interruptions for charging
Service Life   No need to buy replacement batteries   Periodic battery replacement
Dangerous Substances   No need to build battery room   Build-up of an expensive battery room
Power Savings   Energy savings by 15%   Power loss
Hyster J40XN
Average battery: 25KW
Average charge time 20-80% at 15KW per 1.5hr
Hyster E60XN
Average battery: 35KW
Average charge on 20KW charger: 1.5hr
Hyster J120XN
Average battery: 50KW
Average charge on 25KW charger: 2hr


Papé Motive Power offers a complete line of innovative batteries and chargers for every industrial need. Our power solutions are designed to reduce environmental impact, lower operational costs, increase productivity, and improve customer operations. We aim to eliminate downtime with long-lifecycle batteries and flexible charging options.

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