Whether working at a shipping yard, railway terminal, or other large intermodal transportation site, container handlers offer an efficient method of moving and stacking containers. Plus, their heavy-duty power and rugged design allow them to pick a variety of materials, making them some of the most versatile machines available.

At Papé Material Handling, we understand the importance of investing in quality machinery. That’s why we deal in only the finest equipment from Hyster®. And because we’re a full-service dealer, we also offer used machines, convenient rentals, and complete repair services. These are just some of the ways that we’re committed to partnering with your business.

Hyster® Container Handlers

From top-of-the-line technology to advanced safety features, Hyster® set the standard for material handling equipment. They’re built with durability and dependability in mind — keeping maintenance and repairs to a minimum and increasing your uptime. And when service is required, major components are conveniently located for easy access. Learn more about the models we offer and how each one can help you meet your business goals.

H1050HD-CH & H1150HD-CH

These two popular models offer exceptional lift capacity and increased versatility. Able to handle both 20 and 40 ft ISO and domestic containers, they’re a must-have on most shipping yards, ports, and terminals.


Designed to handle empty containers and stack up to four high, these maneuverable machines are an efficient option for all intermodal cargo operations. With a travel speed of nearly 20 mph and a lift capacity of over 15,000 lbs, they’re as agile as they are useful.

RS46 Reachstacker

With seven unique models available, you can pick and choose among machines to find what best meets your needs. Each is capable of stacking containers in the first row up to six high and features greatly reduced fuel consumption.

Find a Container Handler Near You

With dozens of locations throughout the western United States, Papé Material Handling is your go-to provider for container handlers, as well as additional shipping equipment. We also offer financing options, regularly inspected rental units, used equipment, and complete repair service for every make and model we sell. Discover why so many businesses throughout the western United States trust Papé to offer the best deals and services on quality equipment.

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