Types of 4 Wheel Electric Forklifts

With an increase in stability and lift capacity, these 4 wheel electric forklifts are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Adding the fourth wheel also increases traction, making these machines ideal for rougher terrain, uneven surfaces, and slopes.

Papé Material Handling is proud to offer top-of-the-line equipment from manufacturers like Hyster® and Yale®, ensuring efficiency and long equipment life. Learn more about how each machine can increase your workplace productivity and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Hyster® Trucks

These operator-friendly machines are highly durable and dependable. And for those with workplace safety in mind, many trucks include dynamic stability control, which reduces truck lean when turning. You’ll also notice increased visibility in both the front and the rear of the machine, allowing you to keep an eye on what you’re transporting and what’s happening behind you. Lift capacities can range from 4,000 lbs for smaller machines to heavy-duty equipment rated for up to 36,000 lbs.

Yale® Trucks

With “human engineered” controls, low-effort steering, and precise mast positioning, these machines are both easy to operate and efficient. And with ergonomic design, they’ll help reduce operator fatigue and decrease downtime. Choose from smaller models with increased mobility and maneuverability to larger, heavy-duty equipment with lift capacities of up to 19,000 lbs.

Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Looking toward the future? Electric forklifts may be the perfect solution to increase job efficiency and lower operating costs. When running electric, you’re running lean, saving on fuel for the entire lifetime of the machine. Additionally, electric forklifts generally require less maintenance. So if something does go wrong, repair costs and downtime are significantly reduced.

Improved safety is another huge benefit of electric forklifts. With a lower profile due to the lack of a fuel tank, electric forklifts improve operator visibility around the warehouse. When working indoors or in an area with low ventilation, electric machines are the way to go. Because they produce zero emissions, you’ll help ensure the safety of your workforce.

Find a 4 Wheel Forklift Near You

With plenty of convenient locations in the western United States, Papé Material Handling is your go-to provider for electric forklifts. Ask one of our equipment specialists to help you find the right machine for your job.

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