Papé Material Handling is proud to carry telehandlers from JLG, Genie & Skyjack. With robust pneumatic tires, stabilization systems, and single joystick controls, these trucks are easy to use and ready to tackle the toughest jobs. Call your local Papé Material Handling dealership to find the right telehandler for your application.

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Types of Telehandlers We Carry

Heavy-Duty Telescoping Handlers

Built to handle the most demanding lifting tasks, these machines offer exceptional lifting capacities and extended reach. From construction projects requiring the placement of heavy materials to industrial applications where height and strength are crucial, these telehandlers excel in maneuverability and lifting prowess, ensuring optimal performance in challenging environments.

Rotary Telehandlers

These machines combine the capabilities of a traditional telehandler with the added advantage of a rotating turret. Offering enhanced maneuverability and reach, rotary telehandlers excel in tasks that demand precise positioning and rotation of loads. Ideal for construction sites where versatility and agility are essential, these telehandlers empower operators to handle materials with ease and accuracy.

Standard Telescopic Handlers

Versatile and reliable, these machines provide robust lifting capacities and telescopic reach, making them a fundamental asset across various industries. From agriculture to warehousing, these telehandlers offer unmatched adaptability, aiding in tasks such as stacking, loading, and transporting materials with ease and efficiency.

Brands We Carry

Papé Material Handling is committed to providing companies throughout the western U.S. with the best in machinery and machine parts. That's why we partner with manufactures that have a proven track record of designing equipment that is efficient, reliable, and long lasting. Below is a list of the popular brands we carry.

  • Genie
  • JLG
  • Skyjack
  • Magni (Only available in Western Washington)

Why Choose Equipment from Papé

  • Versatility: Adaptable for a wide array of lifting and reaching tasks.
  • Strength: High lifting capacities and extended reach capabilities.
  • Innovation: Advanced features for precision and efficiency.
  • Reliability: Robust construction for heavy-duty rentals, and maintenance services. With locations throughout the western U.S., a Papé dealer is never far away.

Telescopic Handlers Near You

Papé Material Handling is a full-service dealer of new and used forklifts, aerial equipment, and other material handling machines. We also offer warehouse design services, machine rentals, and maintenance services. With locations throughout the western U.S., a Papé dealer is never far away.