Terminal Tractor Models We Offer

For heavy-duty performance and reliability on the jobsite, look no further than Kalmar Ottawa's selection of terminal tractors. Learn more about the different models we carry in stock and discover which one fits your jobsite and meets your business needs.

4X2 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

The Kalmar Ottawa 4X2 DOT/EPA terminal tractor combines power and agility, ideal for yard and distribution center operations. With a capacity to tow substantial loads, it's optimized for street legal operation, ensuring seamless transportation between sites. Its ergonomic design and advanced features make it a preferred choice for efficient cargo handling and maneuvering in confined spaces.

4X2 Off-Road Terminal Tractor

Engineered for rugged terrains and off-road applications, the Kalmar Ottawa 4X2 Off-Road terminal tractor boasts robust construction and superior traction. Whether navigating construction sites, logging yards, or challenging terrains, this model excels in heavy-duty tasks, providing reliability and efficiency even in demanding environments.

6X4 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

The Kalmar Ottawa 6X4 DOT/EPA terminal tractor offers enhanced power and towing capacity, perfect for heavy-duty logistics and port operations. Its robust build and exceptional performance ensure the seamless handling of large containers and trailers in high-volume terminals.

T2 Terminal Tractor

The Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminal tractor delivers the best in innovation and efficiency. It combines state-of-the-art technology with exceptional performance, making it an industry leader in terminal operations. Equipped with advanced features for driver comfort, safety, and performance optimization, the T2 redefines productivity in terminal logistics.

TX Electric Terminal Tractor

This state-of-the-art model from Kalmar Ottawa offers an electric solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Equipped with advanced electric technology, this model ensures reduced maintenance costs, lower fuel expenses, and a quieter, cleaner operation.

Equipment Parts & Service

Papé Material Handling is committed to providing local businesses with the best in OEM parts and attachments. And as a full-service dealer, our knowledgeable repair team can help keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently. We offer both routine maintenance and complete repair services to keep you onsite and efficient.

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