Backhoes & Skip Loader Rentals

Looking to tackle some landscaping projects without committing to purchasing a new backhoe? Whether you’re looking to move boulders or dig up a tree or two, a backhoe will be able to maximize your efficiency on the worksite. We offer backhoe rentals so you can keep up with all your needs without a large investment in equipment.
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310L 14'2"-17'8" 93 15371
310SL Canopy 14'8"-18'2" 99 15560
310SL Cab 14'8"-18'2" 99 17934
310HL Canopy 14'10-18'1" 110 18231
310HL Cab 14'10-18'1" 110 18811
410L Canopy 15'10"-19'8" 113 17800
410L Cab 15'10"-19'8" 113 19463
710L 17'10"-22'4" 148 27800

Looking for modern technology for your fleet? Increase your uptime with a selection of backhoe rental options you can rely on for safety and performance. Taking the worry out of the equation, our team of technicians will review every rental that has been returned so that every machine is ready for the next project. John Deere is an industry leader, which means we provide several backhoes from them to ensure all your needs are met. We also carry canopies and cabs capable of digging from 14’ to 22’.

Whether your current backhoe is being repaired and you need a replacement or you have a one-off job that requires a backhoe that you don’t have in your fleet, we’re proud to deliver a variety of options for your short-term or long-term rental needs.

Backhoes You Can Rent

It’s important to find a backhoe that fits your needs and job requirements. Our team knows how different every job can be, which is why they can help you select the best backhoe. We rent out backhoes including:

  • 310L - You can trust the four-wheel drive capabilities, proven engine technology, and multifunctional hydraulics with the 310L. This backhoe offers lighter options for your digging needs
  • 310L Canopy - Similar to the 310L, the canopy edition provides an overhead covering without walls.
  • 310SL Cab - With an enclosed cockpit, the 310SL Cab will allow you to increase productivity, without compromising on smooth multifunction controls and more lift capacity.
  • 310SL Canopy - Prefer just overhead without the walls? The 310SL Canopy delivers all the perks of the 310SL with more flexibility
  • 310HL Cab - Experience all the advantages of PCLS hydraulics in the 14-foot digging depth category with up to 25% more rear-craning capacity and 1-% more horsepower.
  • 410L Canopy - The canopy edition allows you to have open walls while including LED lighting for when the workday goes longer than expected.
  • 410L Cab - It’s easy to rely on the 410 L Cab, which provides powerful engine options while still providing up to nearly 20” of max dig depth
  • 710L - If you’re looking to experience new depths without compromising on power, the 710L offers more lift and 13% more horsepower than previous models.

Find a Backhoe Rental Near You

Ready to get started with renting a backhoe? Papé Material Handling & Papé Rents offers plenty of locations spread throughout the western United States so that you can ensure your business is one step closer to accomplishing your next project. Call our experts to learn what backhoe rental options are available near you.