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What do you do when you run out of warehouse space? Build a new warehouse, lease a new warehouse, or improve your storage density at your current warehouse. At Papé Material Handling we focus on increasing storage capacity in your warehouse or storage yard. Our warehouse engineers provide a Free Warehouse Layout. We will assess your current storage and provide you with a revised warehouse layout, so you can compare the benefits that may even double your storage capacity.

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Save up to 50% more Storage with Papé Material Handling

Papé Material Handling's Space-Saving Solution

When changing to smart, multi-directional technology, Papé Material Handling customers nearly double their previous storage capacity without the need for a contractor. Our technology enables operators to easily change their direction of travel, maneuver down narrow aisles, through standard doorways and around obstacles. This approach reduces the required operational space, allowing racks to be placed closer together to earn more storage opportunities within an existing warehouse space.

Some of our customers have gained 100% extra storage capacity simply by making the switch

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Papé Material Handling offers solutions for companies of all sizes and from every industry to reduce costs and increase productivity to maximize the capacity, safety, and efficiency of their warehouse and storage facilities. We are offering a complementary warehouse design assessment, where we will provide a conceptual drawing of your warehouse showing the potential for greater efficiencies and increased pallet storage. This offer is at no cost to you.

All-Round Efficiency

We can combine counterbalance, side loader and narrow aisle forklifts to transform how customers manage their storage space. Papé's technology uses every inch of vertical space through powerful and precise lifting. The forklift can also maneuver through narrow aisles and doorways to dramatically increase the amount of racking in any warehouse. We work to minimize costs, environmental impact, and product damage by optimizing the potential of existing storage. This improves the safety and efficiency of warehouse operations. Papé's unique approach allows for customization to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer. Our commitment to innovation and development keeps them searching for ways to advance their technology and elevate warehouse space optimization.

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A Personal Approach

Compelling 2D & 3D visuals demonstrate how Papé Material Handing can increase your existing storage capacity without additional warehousing.

All Round Efficiency

Counterbalance, Sideloading Capabilities & Narrow Aisle Forklifts transform and optimize your storage efficiency.

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Papé Material Handling can show you how their expertise will elevate your business and the potential space of your warehouse.

At Papé Material Handling, we won’t just tell you what our expertise can bring to your business – we’ll show you.

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Increase Space, Improve Efficiency and Save Money with our free site optimisation service. Simply tell us a little about yourself and your facility. Then upload your site plan. Our team of optimisation experts will help you get the most from your storage facility.