Telemetry Solutions

  • Reduce damage to your material handling fleet and products.
  • Promote employee safety and compliance on the warehouse floor.
  • Lower your costs through wireless management and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Stay up to date on fleet equipment maintenance and repair.

Improve your fleet management with the Hyster® Tracker system. With detailed reporting and fleet tracking, the software minimizes overall operation costs and increases efficiency in the warehouse.

Hyster® Tracker Yale® Vision

Fleet Assessment

Papé Fleet Services supports material handling businesses throughout the West with fleet management. Learn how Pape can help your company.






Papé Fleet Services

  • Standardized processes and procedures for warehouse solutions.
  • Increase efficiency and accountability with periodic checkups.
  • Look over annual records of location summaries and fleet repair history spending.
  • Collect forklift maintenance data to keep up to date with forklift service.

Papé Fleet Services knows the in and outs of fleet management. By taking information and turning it into insight, Papé can help your business make smart decisions that save money and promote safety.

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