Custom Industrial Workbenches

If you’re in the market for a desk, packing station, or laboratory bench, Papé Material Handling can provide a customized solution to fit your specific needs. We produce a variety of workbench counter tops, sizes, and accessories. Our custom workbenches allow you to create a workstation that is uniquely yours and supports all the requirements you want out of your workspace. It’s our goal to provide you with end-to-end solutions for your office, warehouse, or retail space.

Custom Industrial Workbenches

Standard Steel, Wood, & Other Workbenches

Whether you’re looking for an easy-up modular workbench built for heavy-duty industrial work or an ergonomic woodworking bench, Papé Material Handling has a variety of workbench styles that can help you get the job done. Our standard steel workbenches are equipped with reinforced steel flared legs, and our shop desks are perfectly designed for the active work environment. Whatever your needs, we can deliver. Below are some of the products we offer:

  • Steel Workbenches
  • Woodworking Benches
  • High-Tech Work Stations
  • Easy-Up Modular Workbenches
  • Laboratory Benches
  • Packing Stations
  • Shop Desks
  • Stools and Chairs
Standard Steel, Wood, & Other Workbenches

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